**All hunts subject to all local applicable taxes after July 1, 2021

Texas hunts and pricing


Some of the most sought after Texas hunts are Rio Grande Turkey for those trying to complete their slam.  With Turkey season opening in early April, this gives hunters an earlier start than some of their home states.  Over the years, Axis Deer, Black Buck, Aoudad and Oryx have become more and more popular among Big Game hunters. We are proud to have a variety of ranches to give our clients more hunting options.

With a variety of hunts available, we can accommodate everyone from the seasoned hunter to someone new to hunting.  These are some great off-season hunts for the entire family and for any budget!

Our Texas hunts are located in the scenic hill country.  All of our crew has extensive guiding experience in this region and have guided many clients to their trophies.


Texas Turkey

1 bird $1950

2 birds $2550

(North and South Zone hunts available)

Rio Grande Turkey package

3 Day hunt    $1950

(Maximum 4 hunters per group.)

3 Day Hog hunt (unlimited pigs) $1550

Call for details

3 Day Axis Deer        Price on Request

3 Day Black Buck      Price on Request

3 Day Aoudad           Price on Request

3 Day Scimitar Oryx   Price on Request

Other Exotics            Price Available Upon Request